Custom Pool Tables

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Custom Pool Tables - Build Your Own Table

Custom Pool Tables | Billiard Table Recovery Service - Grand Rapids, MI

Pool tables are meant to be fun. We believe building custom pool tables should be just as fun as playing. That’s why we stock the best quality billiards table parts and will put them together so you can customize your billiards experience. We have a wide variety of exciting options to choose from so the people of Grand Rapids, MI, can build their custom pool tables to their exact specifications.

Our builders are top-quality professionals and we use the best equipment to assemble a custom table just for you. You can count on Billiard Table Recovery Service to build you a custom table that will look great and last a lifetime.

Here are some custom table options we offer.
Cloth – We use wool/nylon blends of cloth because this is the best material in the industry. A wool/nylon cloth will play great and look even better for a long time to come.
Cushions – We offer full-profile, K-66, professional-quality cushions. All of our cushions are also backed by canvas to ensure the most accurate rail play. Only grade-A rubber is used in the installation of our cushions, so you will get a professional-grade playing experience when you build your custom pool tables with us.
Quality Frames– The frame of any billiards table is arguably the most important feature. We offer solid woods for your custom pool table so that they are sure to be durable and play great for a lifetime.
Playfields – Our playfields are diamond honed to ensure the most even tables on the market. Don’t play on anything less than diamond-honed playfields.

No matter what you are looking for in a custom pool table, you can count on Billiard Table Recovery Service to have it available for you. Inquire about our service today!