Pool Table Moving

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Pool Table Moving - We Can Help

Pool Table Moving | Billiard Table Recovery Service - Grand Rapids, MI

Pool tables are some of the heaviest pieces of furniture you may have in your Grand Rapids, MI, home. Don’t try to move them on your own, you could damage your table, your home, or even worse, seriously injure yourself. Our professional pool table moving service moves your heavy table wherever you want quickly. We offer our pool table moving service to commercial, residential, and institutional sites.

Our pool table moving service includes:
• Moving
• Setup
• Delivery
• General Work

Best of all, our movers are clean, professional, and will never damage your table or home during the process of moving. If you live in a large home, apartment, or condo, you can count on Billiard Table Recovery Service to move your tables quickly and hassle-free.

You don’t have to worry about your wallet either, because our pool table moving services come at a customer-friendly price. Get your table to where you want it to be with Billiard Table Recovery Service.

We will get the job done right the first time. Find out more about our moving services today!